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Artist Dean Snell employs a traditional method of etching, a form of printmaking, practiced in the 1500’s by famous artists such as Rembrandt. True to the time-honored methods that have remained largely unchanged through the centuries, Dean draws with a steel etching needle into a hard ground coated copper or zinc plate. When the plates are ready Dean lowers the plates into a bath of acid, allowing the acid to bite into the plate, leaving the engraved image ready to be proofed. 

With a canvas of diverse wood grains as the background, Dean uses his proofed plate and traditional high pressure printing press to incorporate beautiful etchings into functional pieces of artistic furniture. 


The artisans specialize in restoring fine antiques from the 17th, 18th, and 19th centuries. The conservation of furniture from that range of time periods requires knowledge of traditional methods of construction and finishing, and they are well practiced in the creation of all kinds of traditional joinery and shellac finishes including traditional french polish. They are also proficient wood carvers, and have often duplicated pieces of decorative carvings or moldings that have broken off and been lost. Veneer repairs are done using traditional hide glues as well as appropriate wood species to make the replaced veneer all but invisible. The craftsmen of The Restoration Works are excited to bring the masterpieces of the woodworkers of yore back to life while maintaining the integrity of each piece. They are often fascinated and inspired by the intricacy and pride displayed in the work of ancient craftsmen. 

Antique Restoration

Influenced by the sights and sounds of their maritime surroundings, the artistic furniture craftsmen of The Restoration Works are constantly creating limited edition handmade furniture as functional art. They will also work closely with you to design custom pieces to realize your vision to enhance the beauty of your home. Pieces they have built in the past have included fine carvings, marquetry, etchings, specialty veneers, and traditional joinery. Visit our portfolio and enjoy some of the fine furniture we have created over the years!

Harbor Furniture Artisans

At The Restoration Works, as was commonly found in centuries past, a father and son team of master craftsmen work together, son learning from father, high above Gloucester’s Historic Waterfront Fishing District, surrounded by the famous art colonies of Rocky Neck and Rockport. 

The Restoration Works

Antique Furniture Preservation  and Harbor Artisan Furniture